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Justice Clothing
Phone: 207-941-9912
Address: PO Box 279
Bangor, Maine 04402
Years In Biz: 5-10 Years
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Justice Clothing Business Profile:

Justice Clothing dot com is a web-based all union, sweatshop-free clothing store based in Bangor. Our mission is to support democratic principles, workers' rights and economic sustainability through the sale and distribution of goods manufactured by workers protected by collective bargaining agreements.

We believe that workers have a right to earn a living free of the conditions that permeate many workplaces, including: unpaid or underpaid labor, sexual harassment, physical and psychological abuse, conditions dangerous to the worker's safety and health, coercion, threats of reprisal for exercising the rights guaranteed by the United Nations Convention on Human Rights, and threats of reprisal based upon workers' demands that the standards outlined by the International Labor Organization be met.

We further believe that workers have the right to earn a living that allows them to meet their basic human needs, including the need for food, shelter, education and medical care for themselves and their families.

Because we believe that true global economic stability can best be achieved through the growth of strong and egalitarian local economies, Justice Clothing only distributes goods made within our direct community; a community defined not just by geographic location, but also by measures of economic likeness that discourage undercutting of wages and unfair competition between and among workers. Therefore, Justice Clothing purchases goods from factories located in the United States and Canada.

Category: Shops & Boutiques


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