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Rainmakers Soap
Phone: 207-853-3055
Address: PO box 166
Eastport, Maine 04631
Years In Biz: 5-10 Years
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Rainmakers Soap Business Profile:

Our motto says it all with our implicit promise that Rainmaker Soap is produced from all-natural ingredients with quality essential and floral fragrant oils that enhance a natural vegetable oil base. Our soaps are produced in small batches, giving us the opportunity to monitor for the consistent quality you will come to expect. We feel that it is important for a handcrafted soap to have the proper pH balance for your skin and our minimum standard of six weeks is what we allow for the process to be
achieved. We recognize that every customer has individual scent and sensitivity issues and, therefore, make every effort to meet the needs for each of our customers. Bring your needs and concerns to us. We want you to know that we will always take them seriously. All purchases come with the guarantee that, as a customer of Rainmaker you will always be satisfied with our product. As a Maine based business we recognize the importance of an earth friendly product - our soaps are phosphate free, leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and enhance your bathing experience with warm aromatherapy. Enjoy an exquisite lathering experience and softer skin and know that you are doing something natural, not only for your skin but for the earth as well. Our endeavor is to always be "as natural as the rain".

Category: Maine Made Products


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