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Miss Moonmaker
Phone: 207-837-9131
Address: 672 Gardiner Road
Dresden, Maine 04342
Years In Biz: 1-5 Years
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Miss Moonmaker Business Profile:

Miss Moonmaker creates signature scents for her all-natural line of bath fizzies, perfumes, and bath salts.

All products use gourmet ingredients such as essential oils, flowers, herbs and spices for your bath, body, and mind. Promoting relaxation and healing for your Mind, Body and Soul.

NO chemicals or funky goop inside our products just "Good Stuff Inside."

What is a Bath fizzie? They are 4 oz round ball-shaped additives made out of baking soda, corn starch, moisturizing and essential oils, packed with flowers, spices and herbs to help promote simple self indulgence, and relaxation for your tired muscles and mind.

Bath salts are a wonderful additive to your bath made from pacific sea and epsom salts that soothe away muscle tension and are also packed with wonderful essential oils and the same natural ingredients.

After a bath, continue your wonderful scent with a jar of semi-solid scents/perfumes made from essential oils, local beeswax, vitamin e, sweet almond and coconut oil. A wonderful perfume, carrier for massage therapy or for for tension headaches, and stuffy noses!

Indulge yourself to simple pleasures.
Miss Moonmaker - "We Make Natural Scents."

Category: Beauty & Spa


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